Ar Muslukçuluk is a foundation of ELGINKAN COMMUNITY.
  • Ar Liona Lavabo Bataryası
  • Ar Liona Banyo Bataryası
  • Ar Liona Lavabo Bataryası
  • Ar Liona Eviye Bataryası


AR MUSLUKÇULUK moves with the target of commissioning new products strong in esthetical terms towards taste of customers by reviewing costs in order to increase the market share of E.C.A. branded medium and economic segment product groups. In line with this target, quality and product variety of AR and YAK branded products in the market are increased. 

Plumbing materials and accessories sector has significantly increased its product variety in recent years with technological developments. Esthetical and functionality standards of products have also increased along with that. While it is expectations and requirements of people that created the demand, concepts of fashion and aesthetics have become important elements in consumer preference particularly in recent years. Producers having a corner in global market have increased their production, R&D and marketing strategies as a result of changing competition and customer preferences, and turned towards kitchen and bathroom concept along with more economic products. As a result of this, they have developed and diversified their products. 


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